ATOCK is a processing company of polishing,
grinding and welding
optical glass such as quartz glass and
semiconductor devices

advantage of ATOCK

「Technical capabilities」

ATOCK have cultivated the know-how over 50 years and
have technical capabilities of unrivaled ultra-precision processing that
"polishing, cutting, grinding, welding" about quartz glass.

「Human Capital」

Products that are handled at the ATOCK are all produced on order product.
From design and development stage on the basis of the drawings pull out customer problems,
and make a new proposal to solve the problem.
Full of positive and vitality, face up to work responsibly.
Many 「Human Capital」 who have this ability is successful in ATOCK.

「Response capabilities」

ATOCK have highly flexible response capabilities such as one piece or quick delivery.
ATOCK have established production system from polishing・grinding・cutting・welding of quartz glass to quality assurance.