To continue contributing to the society

<p>To continue contributing to the society</p>

Corporate philosophy

committed to innovative technology development and quality improvement,we will continue to contribute to society

Code of Conduct

Embodying the Atock’s corporate philosophy, and aware of their responsibility to be fulfill to society,
in order to continue to grow up with society.
It makes the following matters with the Code of Conduct.

1.I act so that we trusted from anyone
2.The thorough quality management, to provide high-quality products
3.Corporate activities thorough compliance(Laws and regulations, Social norm, Observance of ethics)
4.All employees to achieve the goals, create a work environment that can have the enthusiasm, motivation.

Safety activity

1.Basic philosophy
From the management layer to the field layer of all to work on risk reduction,
we will pursue workplace where we can work in peace and safely.

2.Action Policy
Thoroughness of Sorting、Setting-in-Order、Shining
・"Sorting" means to keep only essential items and eliminate things not required.
・"Set-in-Order" means there should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place.
・"Shining" means to clean the workspace and all equipment, and keep it clean.

Thoroughness of 3S leads to the "Standardizing" of workplace
and "Sustaining the Discipline" of employee.
Ongoing activities of 3S will create a corporate culture that 「protect that we decided」

Quality policy

1.Basic Policy
With respect to quality assurance, to clarify the organization and responsibilities of each department, and established a working standard and procedures required for quality assurance.
In all participation, we will promote the quality assurance activities.

2.Activity Targets
Based on the basic policy of quality assurance,
the quality management objectives is "failure rate of zero."
We summarize the quality assurance organization and quality assurance system diagram
in order to achieve.
In all participation, we will promote the quality management activities.

Environmental Policy

1.Basic philosophy
As a member of the global community,
Our company will contribute to the future in harmony of people and environment.

2.Basic Policy
・In accordance with the JGPSSI guidelines, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations.
We build a system for management of chemical substances in products,
and we will comply with the laws, regulations, and customer requirements and other requirements.
・Through its business activities,
it performs the reduction of resource conservation and waste materials and environment-related goods,
and strive to environmental conservation image.
・Environment management system is periodically reviewed and will continue to improve.
・This policy, document, and disseminate to the relationship employees.

3.Annual target of reducing environmental impact
Based on the basic policy, determine the environmental impact substance below, and reduce.
・Reduction of water consumption 5%
・Reduction of power usage 5%
・Reduction of kerosene usage 5%
・recycling of Acetone and IPA

BCP (business continuity plan) Basic Policy

1.The purpose of BCP development
・quick safety check for employees and their families
・established the organization system to perform a quick business recovery and business continuity,
to protect the trust of customers and society

2.BCP declaration
ATOCK Co., Ltd. protects the following.
If seismic intensity of upper 6 occurs in Ibaraki or Fukushima,
and even if the following situations has occurred,
・Stop of social infrastructure (electricity, fixed telephone, public transport)
・Employee attendance difficult
・Damage of Equipment and machinery
・Damage of in-house IT infrastructure
By adopting the following method,
and continues the operations to be able to provide 70% of the services within 14 days,
・Building employee emergency contact network by mobile phone number, e-mail
・Construction of the emergency response system by walking attendance possible employee
・Strengthening of own diagnosis and repair technology of the equipment and machinery,
and cooperation with partner companies
・Server of other regions backup

3.Assumed risk (disaster)
Earthquake, flood, thunder, fire, pandemic