・Quartz substrate in the sensor mounting in the Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa 1,2“
(Quartz optical polishing)

・J-PARC(Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex、Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
for Neutron beam line super-mirror guide tube

・Cover glass for solar cells of the weather observation satellite(polishing for ultra-thin film glass)
・High energy accelerator collision experiments for lead glass of European Organization for Nuclear Research(CERN)(High Precision Cylinder polishing)
・Cell for protein structure analysis(Quartz optical contact)
・High frequency crystal oscillator( polishing for ultra-thin film glass 8μm)
・Super Clean burner
・Substrates for various sensors
・Biosensor chip

Cooperation achievements of
the subsidy adoption and universities, etc.

・Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Companies Driving Regional Growth(2020 fiscal year)

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Companies Driving Regional Growth(2020 fiscal year)

"Companies Driving Regional Growth" is a company selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that has a great influence on the regional economy, is expected to grow, and can play a central role in the value chain of the regional economy.


・Manufacturing / commercial / service productivity improvement promotion subsidy(2020 fiscal year)

・Fukushima Industrial Reconstruction Enterprise Location Subsidy(2020 fiscal year)

・Ibaraki Prefectural Government Management Innovation Plan(2020 fiscal year)

Ibaraki Prefectural Government Management Innovation Plan(2020 fiscal year)

Based on the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Management Reinforcement Law, Ibaraki Prefecture has created a "Management Innovation Plan" to work on strengthening the management foundation by making new efforts such as developing and producing new products and developing and providing new services.


・Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Business continuity strengthening plan(2020 fiscal year)

・Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center Product development start support subsidy project(2019 fiscal year)

・Interest subsidy for energy-saving capital investment(2019 fiscal year)

・Global Niche Top Company Development Promotion Business(2016 fiscal year)

・Industry-academia-government R & D subsidy project(2016 fiscal year)

・The 4th Joyo Business Award Excellence Award(2015 fiscal year)

The 4th Joyo Business Award Excellence Award(2015 fiscal year)

We received the Excellence Award in a business contest that recognizes innovative and creative business plans in growth fields. With the support of Mebuki Financial Group, we are contributing to the revitalization of the local economy by promoting the creation of new industries and new markets.


・Manufacturing, commercial and service innovation subsidies (2014 fiscal year)

・Japan Science and Technology Agency Adaptable and Seamless Technology Transfer Program through Target-driven R&D A-STEP (2013 fiscal year)

・small and medium-sized companies and small businesses prototype development, etc. support subsidies (2012 fiscal year)

・industry-academic-government joint development research project (2004 fiscal year)

・Ibaraki new products Development project cost subsidy (1999 fiscal year)


AMIS Diamond Outer-Diameter Blade
( Japan・Taiwan・USA・Europe・Korea)
AMIS Diamond Inner-Diameter Blade
( Japan・Taiwan・USA・Europe・Korea)
Method of manufacturing inner blade braid
AMIS Diamond Core Drill
( Japan・Taiwan・USA・Europe・Korea)
Core Drill and Core Drill Equipment
Quartz glass burner and manufacturing method of the same
Quartz glass burner-head and manufacturing method of the same
Single hole nozzle for supplying made of the glass and
Multi hole barnahed for supplying made of the glass 
( Japan・Taiwan・USA・Europe・Korea)
Super Universal abrader 
Cutter blade and freely grinding machine
Metallic substrate, the process of manufacture, cutting braid,
and cutoff device for cutting braid  
CBN Blade for hard material cutting and a cut-off 
Wafer Boat
ultrasonic washer and method of ultrasonic washer and ultrasonic washer system
Quartz glass wafer processing tank and a method of manufacturing the same
The glass washing tank and ultrasonic washer
The inside grinding device of fused quartz glass cylindar body
The internal abrasion method of the quartz glass cylindar body
ditch grindeng device of the glass rod
Method of grindeng the glass rod ditch
Method and Device for Removing Magnetizing Metallic Foreign Matter
Raman spectroscope
Crystal oscillator and its manufacturing method
Total 23

Trading performance

・companies listed in the First and Second Sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
and superior medium-ranking companies
・National university・public university・private university
・Public research institutions such as
National Research and Development Agency・Inter-University Research Institute Corporation
・Foreign countries

Trading performance over 300 companies