Ultra-thin film polishing
High precision parallel plane polishing
Ultra-fine processing

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Ultra-thin film polishing<br />
High precision parallel plane polishing<br />
Ultra-fine processing<br />

Only the introduction of the facility, there is a limit to the quality and accuracy.
Years of experience, extensive know-how, flexible idea is realized fused,
we are skillful at ultra-thin film polishing processing technology and ultra-fine processing technology and welding technology.
From design and development stage on the basis of the drawings,
we will consult to customer request.


  • Polishing of Ultra-thin Film Quartz

    Thickness quartz of 8μm(~φ20)
    Total thickness of 10 to 20μm after multi layer vapor deposition


    X-ray equipment parts for structural analysis
    Cover Glass for Laser
    Quartz Oscillator

  • High precision parallel plane polishing

    Thickness allowance ±1μm(~φ100)


    Substrate for film Coating
    Evaluation Substrate for Measurement
    Quartz glass substrate for light transmission

  • Large Diameter Grinding and Polishing

    ~φ3000 (2142mm sq.)


    SiO2 Targets
    Large-Sized Boards
    Large equipment for the observation window


  • High-precision cylinder Lapping and polishing



    Parent Materials for Quartz Fiber
    Light Guides
    Target Rods
    Polarization beam splitter

Hole Opening

  • High precision Hole Opening and Polishing



    Shower plate
    Flow cell
    Quartz cell

  • Rod manufacturing



    optical fiber
    Rod for optical and research

  • Plate manufacturing

  • Laser Processing


  • Quartz Glass Welding


    Various jig to be used in the semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing process
    (Quartz Boat, Quartz Plate, Quartz Tubes, Quartz Carrier, Quartz Box)


  • Reclaim processing and polishing of circuit board

  • Size down process


    Size down of the silicon wafer
    Chips of various wafer

  • Welding repair process


  • Coating

  • Coating

Other processing

  • integrated processing

  • integrated processing