Iron Removal Equipment Magnet Strainer

《Patented Product》
Method and Device for Removing Magnetizing
Metallic Foreign Matter

A device used to absorb and remove magnetized metal and SUS wear particlesfrom the liquids flowing through the production facilities.
Adsorptive removal of ferromagnetic substance and removal by the chemical change caused by the influence of magnetic water.


  • Removal by metal abrasion of engine oil, such as a car and a vessel
  • Installation to various equipment
    polishing machine, NC machine, wire-cut, electrical discharge machine,slicing machine, wrapping machine, etc.


Tube diameter 2S, flow rate of about 30 l/min with the same viscosity as water. Removal of impurities is easy and can be done simply by wiping.The sanitary type is available with a flow rate of 200 l/min.

●The smparative test result by strainer or no strainer.

(an example tested by ATOCK)

Installation location : polishing machine(Used for polishing agent)
Measuring method :ICP Optical Emission Spectrometric Analysis (qualitative and quantitative)
Hard water turns into soft water.